Black and Decker LST136 Review

LST136Many home owners and even some residential owners are trying to find the best type of trimmer that they can use to cut down tall grasses in their yard. But the common problem that they experience is that they cannot decide which particular tool to buy since almost all of them claim to be the best. But the truth is that it will be easier for them to find one if they know the standards required in choosing the most reliable trimmer. One perfect choice for the best string trimmer 2013 is Black Decker LST136. Find out how it works for you and its special features and benefits provided to its users.

Who Could Buy/Benefit this Product?

The Black and Decker LST136 Cordless string trimmer is designed for all residential owners who are surrounded by fast growing grasses. Nowadays, many people are too busy in prioritizing other important tasks in their lives. For this reason, they miss the time trimming their grasses for a neat look. Some of them are still doing a manual cultivation of soil and cutting down tall grasses in the surroundings. Apart from these home owners, this string trimmer can be used by other business owners who are also surrounded by grasses that grow taller and taller. This best string trimmer 2013 is designed with flexibility for it to be used by people in various industries…Check current pricing on the Black & Decker LST136 at

Check current pricing on the Black & Decker LST136 at

Black and Decker LST136 Features

Most practical customers are primarily searching for the unique features present in a particular product. This is because it is the easiest way to see the distinctions between many products offering the same functions or purposes. In addition to the unique features, many customers are also searching for the benefits it can offer to them. Black and Decker LST136 has the following features and advantages:

  • LST136 has a cordless edger or trimmer; operating instructions and auxiliary handle
  • AF-100 spool; LC36 36-volt which is a fast charger; LBXR36 36-volt battery which is lithium-ion
  • It can easily be converted from a trimmer to an edger with very fast shaft turn
  • With its powerful 36-volt lithium ion battery that is rechargeable, it has the ability to deliver a great amount of power with a long runtime for completing even the toughest jobs.
  • Its feed spool advances are automatic so that the user does not need to bump.
  • Make use of PowerCommand dial for selecting between max power for the tackle thick weed and max run-time for increasing the battery life.
  • 0.065 diameter line; 13 inches of cutting swath and auxiliary handles with quicker release
  • PowerDrive Transmission design for additional cutting forces and to cut twice the branches amount at a time.

Black & Decker LST136


The Black and Decker LST136 has a 36-volt of lithium ion system that offer more benefits than the older gas options and battery technologies. It is capable of exerting extra power to the smaller and more compact battery. Lithium battery has a longer life cycle than any other type. It holds the charge much longer when it is taken off their charger. It only means that when it is charged, the lithium battery is always ready to utilize. The integrated Energy Star-rated charger recharges the battery fully in just one hour. Another benefit it provides is that the head of the LST136 may be rotated for about 180 degrees for all quick switches in between the edging and cutting tasks. It is offering the AFS or Automatic Feed Spool System which makes use of the centrifugal force for dispensing more lines when you need additional dependability and predictability. Apart from these advantages, this string trimmer makes you work faster and more accurate than any other type of trimmers. This is because it is associated with a 13-inch cordless trimmer LST136 with the edge to deliver power from the trimmer’s motor up to the cutting string. These are just some of the incredible benefits provided by this product. You will still learn more of them as you use it to at home.


Even the top quality product will still have at least a minor issue. It is highly common to certain products especially if the customers are not able to use it appropriately. But it is highly essential that you determine some of the downsides observed by the previous customers. One of the most common issues about this battery is the battery. Some customers are frustrated upon discovering that it comes with functional batteries. They said that it holds a lot of paper even though the trimmer design is already good. The batteries have been used less than five times, then they placed them away for the winter. But later on, these batteries both failed to charge when it is about to use for spring. Another minor downside is about the self feeding line. It is quite short at the end of the job and does not feed out.

Black and Decker LST136

Why Black Decker LST136 is the Best Choice for Yard?

Black Decker LST136 is the best choice for yard because of several reasons. First, it comes with a reasonable price that makes many customers happy and satisfied. Price is the typical issue among various products with good quality. This is because they know that they can still find the product that both has good quality and great price deal. It is recommended as the best string trimmer 2013.

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BUY LST136Black Decker LST136 High Performance Trimmer is what you needed. It is worth the money and trust of every customer. All the standards that should be present in a particular product can be found in this powerful trimmer. And if you are after the advantage of this trimmer, it is obvious that you found the right product. You may also read more of the Black Decker LST136 as the best string trimmer 2013. You do not have to find some products that can provide you the best performance. Just search for Black Decker LST136 string trimmer with a high performance level. The best source will be the internet. It is the place where all useful information is provided….Click Here to Read All Customer Reviews & Ratings